Fujifilm Dimatix has unveiled the StarFire SG-1024/M-A printhead, which it claims offers textile printers superior ink-jetting performance.
The SG-1024/M-A is the latest addition to Dimatix's 1024-channel family of StarFire printerheads.
It features a robust and repairable construction with a high nozzle density in a compact package suited for demanding scanning and single-pass applications. Its construction is designed to withstand the harsh environment of industrial textile production.
The product, which is available from today, will be sold to OEMs, which can embed the technology into their devices. Fujifilm Dimatix marketing director Edward Chrusciel told  PrintWeek that pricing to the OEM is volume-dependant, and that the subsequent pricing to the end-user would then be set by the OEM.
He added that given that "we do have competition in the 1024 jet space from two other vendors" the SG-1024/M-A will be "competitively priced to win OEM business".
The printhead's single, durable metal nozzle plate allows the SG-1024/M-A to handle aqueous-based, UV-curable and solvent inks, which are widely used in the digital textile printing industry.
The printhead's jetting performance and high nozzle packing density mean it can achieve single-colour operation at 400 dpi with fluids in the 8-10 centipoise range. Its 1024 independent channels are arranged in eight rows on the nozzle plate, each of which can be fired simultaneously or individually at frequencies of up to 35khz.
Chrusciel explained that the market for digital printing on textiles is predicted to grow substantially.
He said: "Although digital printing of textiles are estimated to represent less than 5% of the global market for printed textiles in 2012, their output is expected to triple within the next five years, to represent the printing of nearly 1.5 billion square metres of material made from interwoven natural or synthetic fibres — while still leaving nearly 90% of the total textile printing market untapped.