The software giant has unveiled Quark Publishing Platform for businesses to deliver published communication online, in print and on mobile devices.

Quark Publishing Platform for enterprise, is aimed at large organisations, such as financial services institutions, manufacturing companies, security and government bodies or large publishing firms, that need to produce a broad range of published materials across multiple media channels for employees, partners or end consumers.

The predominantly web-based system allows authorised users to create templates and automatically assemble content in them dependent on what media they are going to, such as print, PDF, HTML5, web, tablets or mobile apps.

Publishing Platform is automated using XML so content creators do not need to spend time manually formatting and are able to simply upload original content, or repurposed third party content, into overlying “familiar” Microsoft Word documents for ease of use. Content and interactive media embedded within documents can also be previewed during the authoring process.

The system, which can be deployed in a cloud or hosted on the individual organisation’s own systems, can also be integrated into an organisation’s own content management system and syndication services such as IBM Filenet content manager and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Quark vice president of marketing Gavin Drake said the system was designed to help large businesses and organisations to improve communications and customer engagement while cutting costs and time.

He added: “Businesses know they need to be on top of this kind of thing if they want to secure customer loyalty and improve engagement. It’s not just print and web now there’s a huge number of mobile devices and social media to provide content for.”

Drake explained that Publishing Platform, which will be commercially available from the end of October, streamlines the publishing process by automatically taking information from multiple programmes, constructing documents and formatting them for the relevant device or media it is intended for.

He said: “This system automates in 10 to 15 seconds what can ordinarily take a content creator two hours to build. You are looking at cost-savings of around 80 to 85% because you have no need for multiple teams performing multiple tasks duplicating work for different media, which is what happens now.