Agfa Graphics has released version six of its Fortuna security printing software with a range of improvements for increased security and anti-counterfeiting.

The 24-module suite is used on three-quarters of the world's banknotes according to the company, but its target market is increasingly encompassing broader packaging and other security applications.

The new version includes a Rainbow tool and Guilloche wizard (the spirograph-like patterns seen on bank notes), while improvements have been made to the UV preview, special raster functions, scaling and path definitions, crystal patterns and the line generator.

The new Rainbow tool protects against colour separation and copying by using two colours on the same drum - a technique known as split-duct printing. The tool generates a natural blending of colours digitally speeding up the design phase.

The Guilloche wizard enables user control of variables of a range of guilloches to create an unlimited variety.

Agfa business manager security software solutions Koen Heyndrickx said the new version "provides more combinations to increase the level of security. It makes the creation of security documents simple, yet highly secured. With the Fortuna 6 release, anti-counterfeiting is brought to the next level".