Xerox has unveiled its foray into the production print inkjet market at the Hunkeler Innovation days show in Switzerland.

The as-yet unnamed inkjet web press incorporates waterless technology and can print at speeds of up to 152.4 metres per minute.

The four-colour printer will be available in both simplex and duplex configurations and features a printing width of 52cm.

Eric Armour, president of Xerox Graphic Communications Business Group, said the production inkjet machine cut through the barriers of cost, quality and reliability that, he claimed, previously stood in the way when printing personalised documents.

"Print providers can now confidently shift their focus from the production process to selling applications that drive business," he added.

The machine features a Xerox-patented granulated resin-based ink formulation that eliminates the use of water, which the company claimed helped produce "vibrant, consistent colour" on low-cost offset paper.

Other advantages as per company are the intelligent system that continuously monitors every page it produces and self-adjusts if an ink nozzle isn't firing properly also the print server can be scaled for job complexity whether printing straightforward static pages or highly personalized, image-filled statements.

The inkjet device has 56 piezo-electric, drop-on-demand print heads with more than 49,000 nozzles jetting nearly two billion ink drops per second.