Dubai based distributors Digi Matrix Technologies will be participating at this year's edition of Sign and Graphics Imaging (SGI) new addition to their product line, the automatic computerised bending machine which is suitable for 3D lettering for the signage industry.

Bilal Al-Hattab, managing director, Digi Matrix said, "This year we will show the Dilli UV-Flatbed, Digi Cam, the CNC Router machine equipped with the digital cutting system and also the new addition to our product line which is the Automatic Computerised Bending Machine which can do the 3D lettering for the signage industry, along with other solvent outdoor machines. We have new options on the flatbed called varnish to give the printed material a varnish finish as well as 3D effect on the materials. The Digi Bend that we will exhibit is a new technology capable of creating 3D letters which were made by hand and using the LED technologies instead of the old Neon style."

Giving his opinion on the technologies dominating the SGI, Al-Hattab said, "I feel that 3D application will increase its share in the signage business either by the CNC Router or bending machines or even the 3D effect on printing, though the market offers all kinds of regular digital printing as well."

Established in August 2004, Digi Matrix operates in 22 countries across the MENA & Gulf region with 375 installations undertaken so far.

The company has seen a sharp increase in sales figures in the last quarter of 2010 and hopes to do better in 2011.

Says Al-Hattab, "The last quarter of 2010 showed remarkable increase in our turnover and we look forward to 2011 and hopefully SGI will be the 1st successful and bright step into the new year. The market is recovering well and I expect to see better growth in coming year."