Fujifilm Dimatix has added the Polaris PQ-512/15 printhead to its Spectra range.

The new printhead is aimed at the wide format, packaging and label printing markets.

It utilises the binary operating capability of Dimatix’s VersaDropTM jetting technology and Q-Clss hybrid construction to deliver drop sizes of between 15 and 30 picolitres through 512 individually addressable inkjet nozzles at frequencies up to 45kHz and fired at a speed of 8m/s.

It can handle a broad range of inks, including UV-curable inks and aggressive organic solvents, and can produce print up to 1000dpi. It is suitable for commercial and industrial printing applications. The printhead uses a mounting bezel with precision registration points, meaning each 256-channel jet module can swapped in and out without the need for specialised tools or recalibration. Each 256-channel jet module is also dual-ported to facilitate ink flushing and recirculation. Heaters and temperature sensors allow precise control of ink viscosity at jetting temperatures up to 70oC.

“The Spectra Polaris PQ-512/15 printhead gives systems builders the option to design scanning products tailored to a wide range of printing applications requiring both speed and print quality,” said Marc Torrey, Fujifilm Dimatix marketing vice president.

“That high level of versatility in an economical printhead module designed to provide long-service life and simplified field maintenance will drive a new class of highly flexible printer products.”

The Polaris was launched in China running in 16 printer models from seven manufacturers and is currently available as a “limited release” supporting integrators with new designs and products while Fujilfilm ramps up production in line with forecast demand.