As part of a plan to see the Dubai airport “more engaging” and “interactive”, JCDecaux - the company that has been awarded  the 10-year ad contract - is to work closely with local digital printers.
“The digital printing market is booming in the region,” said the company’s Middle East and Africa’s managing director, Alexandre Roubaud.
“There are many digital printing companies just here in Dubai alone.
“As one of the key players in outdoor advertising, we are making use of this technology to ensure a higher quality output.”
He said instead of working with one or two fixed suppliers, they were trying to “identify a network of quality printing companies”.
According to him, the rise of the digital market in the region will experience further growth.
Roubaud said local printers were already involved in terms of producing stickers, banners, one-way vision vinyl and wall wraps as well as posters on light boxes.
“We work towards the goal of facilitating and engaging passengers, making advertising space multipurpose. “There will be an increasing use of digital products, including LED and LCD screens.”
He said some of their newly-installed digital products included the installation of a 32sqm high definition LED screen, which uses the latest technology to display high-quality visuals.
“Instead of bringing something new to the airport, our aim is to ensure that the airport stays different.
“We want to introduce products that are more interactive with travellers, that gets passengers involved (while) also  creating a more powerful visual impact.”