IBP has purchased its second Agfa printer Anapurna RTR3200i LED 6C.

According to the Ivory Coast-based business’ general manager Ali Ezzeddine, it was necessary to invest in a new machine to boost production followed by an increased demand.

He added, “The African market is changing with most large companies  looking for precision provided by the  LED technology.”

The LED version was launched in 2017. It is a heavy-duty 3.2 meter-wide roll-to-roll UV LED-inkjet printer, which prints top-quality indoor and outdoor banners and billboards at speeds up to 127 m²/hr. It gives a high productivity with dual-roll printing, fourcolours plus white, allows multi-layer printing and also has a mesh option.

“We have been using Agfa’s Anapurna H3200i since 2018. Another factor that influenced our buying choice is is the availability of  an Agfa maintenance engineer here in Cote D’Ivoire,” said Ezzeddine.

Commenting on the printer, Agfa general manager, Som John said: “The Anapurna RTR3200i LED 6C is popular among our customers for its stable media transport, improved media transport for printing on banner resulted into unattended printing and the improved dual roll.  Our client are particularly happy about the improved robustness of the printer resulting into savings from a labour perspective. So far, Agfa has installed more than 100 units  globally.”

“Though the pandemic,  has reduced the scope of knocking on potential doors in Africa, we have been actively installing printers and receiving strong inquiries.  In such times, extending local support to the clients plays a vital role in after sales and customer satisfaction. We are planning to conduct more local events/open houses with local partners and colleagues,” John added.