United Carton Industries Company (UCIC) based in Saudi Arabia, seeks to advance in digital print with  the installation of an EFITM Nozomi C18000 six-colour, single-pass LED inkjet printer from EFI.

According to EFI, the new printer will help UCIC enter new market segments, expand its customer base, and create a competitive advantage in the region.

 “UCIC’s priority is to meet customer expectations, which are constantly increasing due to ever changing market conditions,” said UCIC president Mohnish Rikhy. “New technologies such as digital printing with EFI’s Nozomi C18000 printer help us meet these demands and stay ahead of the competition.”

 Founded in 1990, UCIC focuses on corrugated solutions for customised packaging needs – with a capacity of about 400,000 metric tonnes or 1.2bn boxes on average per year. The Nozomi C18000 printer will enable UCIC to start transitioning HD flexo work produced in the company’s five plants in Saudi Arabia to digital. The migration to digital printing will also increase UCIC’s overall production capacity for point of sale displays.

UCIC decided to purchase the Nozomi for several reasons: “We were highly impressed with the dual feeding feature of the printer and the three different printing modes,” said UCIC supply chain vice president Ali Jariwala.