Investing in new technology is an important decision a business faces when trying to improve their operations. For an increasing number of printers, switching to Kodak Sonora process-free plates is an investment that is having a positive impact, greater operational efficiencies and a clear Return on Investment.

To help printers who are considering switching to process free, Kodak developed the Sonora Plate Savings Estimator. This online tool allows printers to calculate their estimated savings if they were to switch from a traditionally processed plate to Sonora plates.

“Over four thousand printers around the world have made the switch to Sonora plates. They are saving money, time and reducing their impact on the environment,” said Evandro Matteucci, VP, print systems division, Eastman Kodak. “It might be costly for printers to change some of their business practices or swap out inefficient equipment. Switching plates is a quick and easy way to start saving money and take a step towards becoming sustainable. The Savings Estimator takes the guesswork out when making that decision.”

Aside from reducing energy, water and chemistry costs, the new plates can free up space; eliminate the variability from processing; get plates to press faster; reduce maintenance costs and downtime; provide a cleaner, safer working environment; and, reduce environmental impact.