According to the corporate press service of Segezha Group, the timber group of companies Segezha Group (part of Sistema) will take part in the IV international exhibition “Arabia-EXPO 2019” and the XII session of the Russian-Arab Business Council, which will be held in Moscow In the Central exhibition hall “Manege” on April 08-10.
The programme of the forum includes discussion of the prospects for the creation of the Russian industrial zone (RPP) at the Eastern Port said the site in the special economic zone of the Suez canal in accordance with the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Arab Republic of Egypt signed on May 23, 2018.
Segezha Group is studying the potential opportunities to become a resident of the Russian industrial zone in Egypt and, in case of a positive decision, plans to deploy its own converting production of paper packaging from Kraft paper of Segezha pulp and paper mill operating as part of the company in the Republic of Karelia.
“Segezha Group intends to become closer to the “entry point” to the markets of the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, and Africa, and therefore does not exclude the creation in Egypt of its own converting capacities and multi-product representation with a wide portfolio of products of the company”, said Mikhail Shamolin, president of Segezha Group, on the eve of the XII session of rads.
The business programme “Arabia-EXPO 2019” will be attended by about 10 thousand participants, including more than 1,000 representatives of 700 companies and business associations of the Middle East.