Canon Middle East  unveiled its new concept of ‘Explore, Inspire, Improve’ as part of the ‘Canon for Business’ offering in Oman. The initiative supports businesses in Oman to strengthen productivity, efficiency and sustainable development, and underline their position as a ‘Partner of Choice’ for their customers. The event was part of a series of ‘Canon for Business’ events in the Middle East.
Canon is exploring the changing world of business and data to address their challenges and improve their business. ‘Explore, Inspire, Improve’ provides business process consultancy, with Canon working alongside its customers to build the best solution for their organisation based on business priorities.
“This is Canon’s 1st official event in Oman and highlights our commitment to build a stronger presence here. In today’s evolving economic environment, we are adapting and growing to support our customers’ changing needs,” said Anurag Agrawal, MD.
“In line with our corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’, our strategy has always been to drive sustainable growth and strengthen our core business by being a partner that helps solve the challenges of our customers. Success for us is in delighting our customers as we go the extra mile to ensure that our solutions make a difference to them,” Agrawal added.
Oman is diversifying its economy with the goal of reducing its dependence on oil revenue to its GDP from 44% in 2016 to 26% by 2020. In addition, full network connectivity is expected by 2040 to expand opportunities.
Shadi Bakhour, B2B business unit director, Canon Middle East, said: “Our independent study on the Middle East called ‘Office Insights’ reveals that 70% of the respondents believe that printing and copying documents are essential or very important. It confirms that businesses are turning to digitisation for efficiency. However, one of the most striking findings from the research is the widespread lack of awareness on how to go about digitisation and the cost associated with increased printing and scanning.”