Istanbul, Turkey based Tekboy Tekstil has installed the  6-colour, Javelin digital printer to supplement production capacity, and meet increased demand for shorter-runs, rapid turnarounds and on-demand sample production.
The Javelin printer, manufctured by SPGprints uses Archer technology which enables the firing of variable drops (2pL-10pL) to the substrate. The 4mm distance from print head to substrate eliminates head damage and is suitable for printing the knitted fabrics produced by Tekboy. Furthermore, Tekboy can produce samples, usually in 10m lengths, economically and instantly, enabling its customers to speed up product development phases.
“First of all, SPGPrints had a well-established, comprehensive support network, to help us adopt the technology as smoothly as possible. This included its regional base, SPGPrints Baski Sistemleri Tic., nearby in Istanbul, providing training and fast-response technical help, and staff from the headquarters in the Netherlands offering valuable consultancy, in-depth know-how of the total digital printing production flow, as well as testing facilities. “Secondly, SPGPrints develops and manufactures its own inks, including those specially for the JAVELIN. This means we would be dealing with one company for the printer, its service and inks. This one-stop-shop offering from SPGPrints is a huge plus for us. Finally, we were impressed by the two-and-a-half-year warranty on the print heads1 that reduces risk and accelerates the return on investment. The combination of high-performance technology and guidance has enabled us to start offering high value solutions to our customers from the moment of installation.”