Vinsak participated in the event and promoted Vinsak USAR 430 (Modular Slitter Re-winder) including VIS 1200 inkjet system for variable data printing,
Vinsak USAR with variable cold foiling & digital varnish, Vinsak roll lifter, Vinsak TTR (table top re-winders), Vinsak also represented Iwasaki from Japan and with their intermittent-drive flexo press IF330 and TR2 UV offset printing machine. They also unveiled SPGPrints prepress during the show. Rhino by Pantec for flatbed embossing & hologram in-setting systems, Petrel Security inks and Radus hologram applicator, RFID tag encoding and print personalization for smart products were promoted at the show.

Nicola Lombardi, marketing head, Lombardi, said, “For us the event is more important as we have around 30 years of experience. This is second time that I am visiting Dubai. We wanted to be active in the event. Our company wants to bring the European standards to other countries and we believe that this event will help us. Vinsak and we are working together to give best results to the customers. We are a manufacturer of flexographic press but we realized that other areas are also important so we expanded into more. Finally, we introduced the Synchroline press at the event. All our products can be removed easily so depending upon their requirement the customers can use them.”
Speaking about the event, Ranesh Bajaj from Vinsak, said, “The show ended with a decent note for us. We saw more visitors from Saudi, few from Africa but they were less than the last Gulf Print and Pack event. We promoted our label printing solutions at the event. We introduced the Lombardi’s single Synchroline which is a fully servo model flexo press. The last edition was good and we recovered the return on investment very quickly. The organizers should push more footfalls so that visitors can give a thought of buying it later. More roadshows should be done to attract more visitors. Every market will have recalibration so this is good for the industry.”