AGE Graphics participated in the event again and promoted their partners during the event.

Speaking about the participation, Anil Mishra, technical manager India, Arden Asia Pacific Software Pvt Ltd, said, “We have been having a relationship with AGE Graphics for the last two years. We have covered maximum die making installations through our Impact software. We are able to operate any hardware in the die-making segment. Now, we started to venture design segment where we have 3D options, layouts and we have around 700 readymade designs in the library. Our product goes to packaging and die making. Our software allows you to change the existing design proportionally so that it can be used for bigger and smaller designs. We have around 100 installations in Egypt and we have around 10 customers.”
Jayakrishna Valluru, AGE Graphics, said, “The Impact is a die making software but it gives details on basic estimation information. We are promoting the product in Middle East and Africa. This product allowed us to enter packaging companies. Few of the companies are using acrobat for creating the designs but when the designs gets complicated it becomes difficult for them. However, this can be controlled easily with our 3D feature, which will show the output at the designing levels and if there is any problem with the die then it will alert you. The market is going little difficult but we are expecting to get a growth from second and third quarter. Till the last moment I don’t want to invest in the show but it’s worth participating in the event.” Albin Baranauskas, managing director, TECHKON GmbH, said, “We are manufactures of high quality measuring instruments which have made us a competent partner and leading solution provider for colour measurement. We are having collaboration with AGE Graphics for the last ten years. We are surprised with the good number and high quality visitors. We received quite a good number of serious enquires from the event. Last year we had a very good growth and it was very best for us in the history of the company.”