Heliozid Océ participated again at the Gulf Print and Pack to promote their Océ Colorado 1640 and Granada L3 direct fabric printer.

Speaking about their participation, Philippe Husni, managing partner, Heliozid Océ Emirates, said, “The show is not focused as the other shows. It is diversified and it covers larger printing. It covers all the spectrum of the industry. We as a company cover the larger format market for indoor and outdoor. Probably 50% of the visitors really applied to us. In terms of packaging we showed printed corrugated boxes with personalization. There are lot of packaging applications where we can support/contribute to them. Overall, the printing industry is shrinking and everyone is getting the market share from others. We have two really new products. Colorado 1640 where we received the first unit in December 2018 and we delivered it in the first quarter of 2019. The product received a good response from market and customers. Almost three customers were having serious enquiries with us for the product. The customers were impressed with the quality and reliability. Océ is generally identified as reliable partner and they tend to over test every product, which is helping us to sell the product easily. Most people are using vinyl for indoor and outdoor. The difference between indoor and outdoor pretty much has become blurred. The only differentiation is between the operator and application. For outdoors you don’t need to have more resolution but indoor requires high resolution. We had around 4 installations of this machine. The next product is Granada L3 it’s a little upgraded version from L2. This is a direct fabric printer. It has three Epson printheads. We printed almost everything on our Granada for this event. We are expecting to launch a new technology sublimation printer soon. I find more presence of Japanese player in the digital production printer and I am good to see that. The worldwide trend is going towards digital at the production segment and less of offset. The organizers did the best for the event. We are not looking for a big numbers from the event as I will be able to recover my return on investment easily.”