Speaking about the market and GPP, Pauline Brooks of Konica Minolta said, “The year was a little challenging in the first month but then it started to work well. Saudi Arabia obviously was difficult last year but this year it is showing some positive growth signs. I believe that if Saudi Arabia is doing well then the whole UAE will also do well. We have done a lot of sales in Saudi along with the partners, which are expected to boost our growth. Overall it’s been a consistent year altogether. We promoted our MGI product, which is a high value product so it will take much time for the customers to finalize the decision. We are launching the product in Saudi Arabia. It was good to participate in the event and we will be participating in the next edition too. We almost received 500 leads in the first two days. I was part of the GPP committee for promoting the event and they did well. My suggestion is that this event should be industry event rather than having separate events. If you want to visit an event, it has to create some value for the visitors’ time. The manufacturers like us want to have a single event rather than attending multiple events, which would also allow us to spend once in a year. We will be concentrating on the MGI and our other solutions. We are seeing some good things from Saudi so obviously that’s going to help the other UAE market. We have registered for EXPO 2020 for some association and waiting for their result. We have already updated the files like insurance on their website.”