The 5th edition of SGI Dubai ‘Knowledge Series’ brought stakeholders to discuss the impending opportunities and challenges faced by the digital display technology industries. The forum had a representation from prominent international and regional brands including LG, GE, EPSON, Blue Rhine, Al Risq Advertising and ENO Digital Signage.

The global digital signage market is valued at $20.8 bil- lion and expected to grow to $29.6 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 7.3%. With many expositions and events being planned in the region, the digital signage industry is set to fast track its growth trajectory.

Delegates at the Knowledge Series aired their views on having a consortium or a platform in the near future, that would have a database of verified vendors right from the hardware supplier to content developers and integrators.

“SGI Dubai has decided to create a dedicated digital dis- play technology pavilion to include all the manufacturers and players within this ecosystem from across the globe,” said Sharif Rahman, CEO, International Expo Consults.

Vertical industries including healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, aviation, exhibitions and events are the potential targets for the players within the digital signage market. The delegates felt that the potential and the market share of the indoor digital display market will continue to remain higher in the UAE than outdoor.

As compared to other categories, the digital signage and display technology industry will prove to be a game changer and the segment is expected to grow further in the UAE and across the GCC region.

The participants also felt that there is a global need for standardization and that organisations should collaborate to arrive at this solution. The lack of standardization in terms of technology, format and soft- ware has restrained the growth of the global digital display market.