Xerox participated in the Gulf Print Pack and sold more than 25 machines at the show.

Speaking about the participation, Mohamed Amer, VP & GM for Middle East and Africa said, “We are a global company and I am managing MEA. We were very successful in 2018 and are expecting strong growth in 2019. Our growth 
very much depends on this regional market and the particular segment. Since the inception of the show, we have been participating in the Gulf Print and Pack. The star product for this year’s show was our Xerox Iridesse Production Press. In 2018, Middle East and Africa was by far the best performing market for the Iridesse product internationally. We are confident that we will continue the strong performance and growth from the product in 2019. In general, we are growing in the MEA market, we saw a excellent growth coming from West Africa with support and development. South Africa had one of the most amazing and biggest years historically, winning Xerox MEA Partner of the year for 2018. KSA had a very good growth as well. Overall in MEA, we saw double-digit growth which is very pleasing. Iridesse has contributed to the growth. Personally and professionally, it is fantastic coming back, I was part of this region between 2007 and 2010 and then I went to other assignments. The MEA market is full of opportunities and we put a growth strategy and again for 85 countries, it is hard to paint on one brush so we have different strategies all over. We have plans to expand our service portfolios, focusing on software and transformation of activities in geographic where we were not getting more share from the market. I am really happy to come back to Middle East and managing Middle East. I spent my entire career with Xerox and it’s a very good pride. When you think about volumes in printing, overall the digital is using only small market share so we are seeing a good growth in the digital market share.”

Mahmoud Al-Yahya, MEO region manager, Middle East operations, Xerox said, “We are focusing on areas where we are having great opportunities of growth. Forexample, in past two years Iraq has achieved good growth achieved through close partnership with our partner. During this event, we sold more than 25 machines. The Middle East is demographically young region for us and in terms of market maturity there is a lot of potential growth as the region technically leap frogs over other markets. As an organization Xerox is investing in the talent from Middle East to look at Middle East opportunity to be more connected and better connected to market dynamics. We are closer to the market, which is what the company is looking from us. Growth areas are mainly in services which is absolutely a key for us and a lot of governments are spending time with us for growing forward with digitalization. The other area is value added service mainly around graphic communication through our products like Iridesse. We held many launch events across the Middle East for Iridesse in 2018. We are seeing growth opportunities from inkjetstarting off with big project in Iraq, which caters to education centre. We will also offer the Iridesse in the UAE as we have a number of customers already engaged with this solution. There has been a shift in the print volume so the focus is to elevate the value of the product. Right now, we see a good opportunity to be captured but we need to be smart in how we engage in helping customers with their changing print volumes.”