Mathias Taraca, area sales manager EMEA, Multigraf speaks about their Gulf Print and Pack participation.

Digital industry already took the world in storm. Did you feel the tremor?
Of course we do and we are following this route. Volumes are coming down. Imagine to produce 500 booklets on an industrial saddle stitcher. Setup time would be much too high. Changing from one job to another requires highly automated solutions. This is where Multigraf is heading to.

Since how many years you have been participating?
This is the first time since we introduced our new digital print finishing line which we call Touchline. Our aim is to show our latest developments in print finishing environment. We are successful in most parts of the world, now we would like to introduce our solutions to the Gulf region.

How was 2018 for your company and overall how did the industry perform in 2018?
The digital print market is very dynamic. Shorter runs lead to different ways of finishing production. Print do not longer produce their short run jobs on big industrial machines. They are looking for smaller, fully automatic solutions such as Multigraf’s Touchline series. The niche we are in is performing very well and our products are hitting the demand of the print finishing industry.
What are the products you are going to showcase?
On the Gulf Print we are going to showcase our most successful product. The Touchline CF 375 by Multigraf is an integrated creasing and folding system which units two operations on one process. This machine is upgradable for lengthwise perforation.
What are all the main challenges the industry is facing?
The industry is changing to digitalization and more automatization. Customers require more personalized products with less volume. Worldwide labour costs are rising. The manufacturer of paper finishing systems have to find a way to adapt the machines to the new market situation for working profitable and to bring them to the next level of industry 4.0.

Do you think digital printing and finishing industry will grow in the coming years?
Yes, we believe very much in the growth of our niche. Printers have to adapt their way of production in order to stay competitive and profitable. This is where we focus our activities not only for todays, but also for future products. Drupa 2020 will mirror this development.

There are many manufacturers making finishing machines. How does you differentiate from them?
Multigraf is an innovative company. By launching the first Touchline model 8 years ago we were showing the industry new solutions. Multigraf has been offering fully automated solutions to the market before many other manufacturers. Our vision is to stay in front and come up with more innovative solutions in the near future. These solutions will be fully automated, stand-alone, near-line and on-line.