MEPCO participated in the event and showcased their range of products to the visitors.
Speaking about the event, Fadi Baaklini, said, “The event is good for us. The market has witnessed filtering for the last few years. People who have had very tight financial structuring are winning. The people who did it in 2014 to 2017 have got more volume of jobs. The market is saturating, challenging, and it’s actually reducing in the consumption. The collection is a challenge. This is the first year we are facing the collection issue. People who were prompt with us for many years have become defaulters. We are blessed that we are diversified in other market so we are able to overcome the collection issues. The packaging products are working very well for us. We are doing specialty packages, which are having multiple layers and other features. So we work with the customers and produce it along with them. Compared to commodity grades this specialty packaging business is helping us. The GCC are balancing the accounts and we see things are stabilizing so this is good for us. The big threat in the packaging industry is that everyone is shifting towards this industry, so soon it will be an issue. We have developed few packaging solutions, which we have implemented in other markets as well but the credit goes to research and development team. The liquid packaging is one of the new things, which we will be looking forward. We are definitely seeing a growth in the specialty packaging. We are revamping on looking that what has worked and what has not worked for us in all these years and work accordingly. We are preparing for 2020 but cautiously. We are not reducing our employees or shrinking in size but we are extremely very careful in the process.”