Print4pack conference held to let world know where the Italian printing stands and as a base for Print4All fair


The Print4pack event is part of the Made BY Italy promotional programme which ACIMGA association has been developing for years to support the printing and converting industry.
The two day conference is organised in cooperation with ARGI (Italian association of graphic industry suppliers) and with the support of ICE – Agenzia and the Ministry for Economic Development. They used the conference as an opportunity to spread in the Mediterranean basin an innovative and propositive culture about the new role of Packaging and the new opportunities it can offer.
The conference’s programme is the result of a joint effort of the associations which represent the entire printing chain. They started to work together in November 2015. The event had several discussions over the important topics along with the round tables and market leader opinions. A delegation of professionals from USA, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran have attended the event.
As a welcome speech, the ACIMGA association has commented, “Italy is always known for their excellence in quality and this event will be a push to Italy. The event will focus for Print4All fair which is going to happen on 2018. The future of the printing has already started in Italy and that is why we recently held an event in a school. We need to train the students as they are the future of printing and they have the standard to do it. Also, we need to bring the talent of the students. Everyone has to take up their responsbility and develop the Italian printing industry. We need to create opportunities and that is why we have invited entrepreneurs from overseas to the event so that we create awareness about the Italian printing. Finally, we would like to thank the institutions of ITA and wish the participants a great success.”

Packaging: from a container to a social role by Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffé, SDA Bocconi
This is the beginning for Print4All event. Packaging is all about interaction where you need to speak to everyone and listen to everyone through packaging where the process was available everywhere. The packaging is all from typographicus vs. homo communicans. The evolution of packaging has happened from sheets to spreadsheets, from folios to portfolios, and from pantone to i-tunes. Nobody has every thought that what will happen in the 20 years so we need to be proactive. We need to act for the next 10 years of packaging industry.
Don’t press: just touch. The entire set of industry competences is shifting from mechanics &/vs. electronics, physical &/vs. logical, atoms &/vs. bits. We need to be bilingual. The necessity of understanding each other will never become obsolete. Communication will always require the job of codification and translation among languages, across space & time. In a digital world, this means remapping everything to meta-languages. We know it’s the national system for our language but we want these things to be solved. We need to understand the language & logistics to remove the borders of us.
The future of communication is not alphabetic. They are going to use computer for packaging. For instance we can even resist 15 minutes before the death. So you people has to decide whether you are going to make it or you are going become a telephone box against the mobile. Another instance, after working with Nokia for three years Steve Job wanted to be unique in his products. There are many things involved in preparing a mobile but more than that Apple stood unique with their expensive way of presentation. We must let the food speak because food speak for the packaging. Most of all has to optimize the communication and life cycle. Those who collects the data’s are the one who is going to win and those who collects the Euros are going to loose. Packaging is always a connection and it is not a protection. They are ‘off the shelf’ and we need to maximize it. If we don’t do then amazon do it. We are reliable in the industry where we sell the products to anonymous address and of course you need to shape it anyway to withstand the competition.
Packaging is creating revolution. The evolution of printing and packaging is a technique and over time it became an art. As any modern art, we must rediscover new techniques from hardware to software, from 2D to 3D, from replication to customization, and from 1 to many to 1 to 1. We are here to discuss the primary and secondary things of packaging. We need good package; we need to print the package which is our territory package. The next important thing is the zero packaging. We need to reeducate the consumers about the secondary package. People are ready to pay 5 times more for the advertisement. We need to discover the new techniques and we should know that we are isolated with these software’s. Finally, packaging is a ‘social intellectual architecture’ so we need to act fast by keeping the print4All in mind.

Substrates and formats: innovation through materials by Marco Sachet, Istituto Italiano Imballaggio.
My idea is to propose a vision which is reversed by 180 degree. I can see the world with glasses in packaging. Also, I believe that the final user of the goods has to have connection with them. Society may change and packaging may change every now and then but we need to cautious. As you all know that speaking about the materials are complicated from packaging point. You must combine the materials and materials have a different public opinion. Ultimately, all of us know that public opinion is the major factor. Also, we need to know the user and buyer ability before making every selection. Many of us in the hall think that the environmental impact of every packaging is more important because it’s the main phenomena. Above all I would like to stress the environmental protection. The collection of materials has become an important factor in the recycling aspect and it has three main channels in it. Once the recycling is done then it should be used for plants so we should select the appropriate materials for the packaging. We should always focus on the materials which is environment friendly.
The perspective for the recycling whether we are enterprises or users or consumers we should focus on reusability. We all should be glad enough to be in a place where all the wastages have been placed after differentiation. With all these consideration we should not select the materials which is hindrance for recyclability. These materials can be burnt for energy production to reassure that heat can be transformed in energy. However, there are persons who are against this but this is only an option for the non biodegradable products. These things are not going to change in the future too and when I work for the biodegradable objects then I should be aware where to use and in which plant it should be used. If the material is not in line then I should look for alternative.
The public opinion gives lots of opinion and it’s a dream for consumer. However, I would like to stress you that biodegradable & heat is important factor for selecting the materials for packaging. If I produce a bottle of water then I would go for biodegradable factors like it should take two weeks rather than five weeks. The requirement is toward the effective recycling process where everyone knows that packaging should comply with all these steps for environment friendly and sustainability. Packaging should be designed to the product it contains and we need to find the right compromise. The second factor is the product where the product itself has the major impact on the environment factor.
Let’s look at the shape: Packaging of the past has been changed and the person mentality even tends to change. We need to use the shapes which is easy to use consume. Out of all, a tool is necessary to let the manufacturer know the virtual sign of the packaging product recyclability.

Market trend and technologies which impact the market by Ron Gilboa, InfoTrends
A billion consumers are ‘going green’, shifting towards demographics and even there is rise of digital consumers.
Nowadays, brand owners are looking for many factors like, compelling design, consistency & repeatability, just in time differentiation, personalization, brand security, shelf impact, regulatory compliance, and sustainability. We see a range of customization available through pre press, offset, flexo, and in other process. Also, the manufacturers are moving back to CMYK to save the plates and even the industry is moving from analog to produce mass production. It’s always going to complimentary technology between analog and digital. However, inkjet is been looking towards the controlling drops.
Packaging growth continues through factors like access to market for brands being democratized - effective quality output for small & large brands and design flexibility. Supply chain efficiencies drives technology adoption - reduce waste & inventory, shorter time to market, and product security. Production efficiencies are fueled by technolgies which support printing short runs, prototypes, localized, personalized, simplying print production process, and augumenting conventional printing.

Printed packaging’s life cycle by Eliana Farotto, Comieco.
After years of people talking about sustainbility. Italy are already in part of system for sustainable as we are able to do it because we have all the materials. In order to accommodate this we have formed the differe-ntiated garbage collection system.
Somebody has to start the process so all of us have to provide support for the sustainability and recyclability. In order to create involvement we have introduced a competition where they can show the innovation & technology for sustainability with good price money.
We have signed an agreement with a paper production in Italy to enhance the sustainability. The products which are produced through this, will be tested before entering into the market. Until now more than 250 products has been recently produced and this allows us to do more recyclability.
However, the largest quantity of recyclable is either in paper or human waste. There are few items cannot be used because it was contaminated with food.


Fashion packaging: from design to printing by Carla Leveratto, creative director Gruppo Roncaglia

We all should know how the packaging has changed in the last few years and how to make it efficient. Our goal is to engage the customers through the market tool.
As you know there are 550 million orange juice brands are there where half of them are sold in Europe and each promises different things and of course the fresh juice are the perfect to have. So we had decided to do the fresh juice in bottles for our client where we prepare it in the bottle instantly along with the time mentioned in it. The first three days of the campaign went well and received enormous response. Another instance, for Mila fish pack we have implemented a new mode of marketing strategy called ‘Live Fish Pack’ so we have packed the fish in a package where it has some sensor in it. Whenever, the person comes near to the package it will automatically pop up so that all the customers will feel that the fish is alive in the package.
Help remedies:  when something goes wrong so we need to simplify the process and find the remedy. This campaign started in USA where over the package you can see the solution.
The examples what I showed are highly focused on innovation and the current trend is towards the anti packaging. There are few examples where the water bottle can be eaten and even it is biodegradable too. We really need to innovatively use the ideas to stay alive.

Effective Package Printing helps customer engagement in retail shop by Oscar Farinetti, Eataly

You must be humble enough to steal the ideas so if you want you can steal my ideas.
If you want to sell the product then you have to start from the packaging. In future we need to develop a packaging like a fruit where the future of the packaging is narration. Also, we should do the project not for the money, as it will not reach the success.
What is the future of the business: we need to change the traditional habits and trends. Half human discovered the fire during those days and that fire was useful for them to protect from animals but it had opposite reaction when it burnt the whole forest. The others had some negative comment on the fire and after sometime the half human learned on how to handle the fire so that it is not hurting them back. As a next step they even learnt to cook through the fire, kept the mosquito and flies away through smoke, they had fun activity being around the fire, and many more. So we should use the Internet and digital intelligence in such a way where it does not reflect back on us.
Likewise, in 1850 we have introduced the consumer society. We need to bridge the gap between the social clauses. Handle the gap between the educated/un educated. The businesspersons have to engage themselves to take the risk for changing the world and we need to enjoy the world. Of course, we need to give ‘respect’ to all the environment factors. Before few decades I saw a worst packaging and that inspired me to open a company on my own to put an end to these worst packaging. In order to fight the end of the world we need to keep the sustainability and my ultimate aim is to use the environmental friendly product.
Apart from this the event had several round table on topics like connectivity & personalisation, sustainability & counterfeiting, and design & enrichment. Altogether the event was focused on trends, technologies, materials, sustainability, counterfeiting, connectivity, design, and many more. Also, the event was focused on raising the Italian printing industry.