Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill (ADNPM), the manufacturer of jumbo tissue paper rolls in UAE, produces over 65,000 tons of tissue paper a year. General manager of ADNPM, Helmut Berger, said: "The company, spread over an area of 60,000 sq m, uses Crescent Former tissue machines to produce paper from the virgin pulp. The mill houses a pulp store, machine house, stock preparation facilities, tissue machines, de-inking plant, warehouse and offices.

"Total capacity of the de-inking plant is 30,000 tons. Recycled paper usage within the production process helps save the environment by reducing pure pulp usage. ADNPM has also installed a water treatment plant whereby 40-60% of the waste water is treated and re-used, rather than being dumped," he said.

The company produces a variety of tissue papers, from facial and toilet tissues to kitchen towels, serviettes, table napkins and industrial hand wipes, all in a wide range of colours and with approved dyes for safe use.