Orient Links has gone for a FSC certification with which 80% of its products fall in to this category. In terms of the new products, Orient Links have started food grade boards which are dioxin free and FDA certified from China. Also they have started environmentally friendly copier papers which will be distributed to European and North American markets. The brands will be mill brands or customised to client based on the requirement. Orient Links is planning to enter in to the unbleached grades of packaging boards as well.

Talking to PrintWeek MEA, managing director, Sunil Bakht said: "We grew 100% last year. The main factor for this is the reach we have gained and support from the suppliers. The new markets which are being developed are East Europe, Iran and small countries in Africa. We try to get a mix of direct customers and stockist because of the distances involved. We are also planning to enter new continent like North America mainly because of our environmentally friendly products. After one year of business, we may set up an office there."

Company did a volume of 200K Mt worth of volume last year. "The prices are under pressure but we expect the market to pick up by the year end," he said.