ARMADA 2012-02-01 1093

Mehdi Berrada, ex. Agfa executive has started a new company Armada Digital Printers which sells OEM solvent based printers from 'Scorpion', Korea. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, partner, Peter Afeiche said: "We approached the customers and have developed the products for MEA region. Today we have high end mild solvent printers that uses Konica Minolta, 14 pl print heads. We are almost half in price as compared to other manufacturers. We are developing our products in the UV line as well and expected

GOGS 2012-02-01 1094

Distributors of Sigmajet Grapo Technologies, GOGS Technologies have sold 2 machines during SGI, the MANTA flat bed to an advertising company customer from Riyadh and a carpet manufacturer from Iran bought the Gemini flat bed roll-to-roll. Says director, Ashok Gangwani, "We are happy with the interest shown in our products and the visitor numbers at our booth. Mentioning the applications on which printing was possible with Sigmajet Grapo machines, Gangwani added that these printers could print

BLUERHINE 2012-02-01 1095

Signage material vendor, Blue Rhine participated in SGI this year showcasing various rigid and flexible media. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, general manager, Anand Joseph said: "We were delighted to see the good visitor response to the show. There are more visitors from GCC this year, as compared to the last edition. "This year we are showcasing GCC's plotter and cutter from Taiwan. Its a very affordable machine with high tech features. We sold 2 machines in the SGI show. The starting price point

FLEX EUROPA 2012-02-01 1096

Sharjah based distributors; Flex Europa exhibited its new flat bed UV printer at SGI this year. Says managing director, Jihad Abdeljalil, "This is the first time we showcased the printer with white ink and varnish together in a flat bed UV printer. The printable size is 1.3 x 2.5 m and the applications include POP, POS and packaging uses. The printer comes with 8 Konica Minolta print heads, and printing speeds reach upto 38 sqm per hour in standard quality mode. It can take maximum media

SYSTEM MIDDLE EAST 2012-02-01 1097

Authorised distributors of Mutoh in the region, System Middle East showcased second generation of Valuejet printers using eco solvent inks.

Company sold seven machines during the exhibition.

President of Mutoh's European Operations, Arthur Vanhoutte said: "We are focussing on new applications. We are the first company who are able to make UV stretchable ink. In Fespa you can expect some faster printers from Mutoh. We most probably show our flatbed design in Drupa in low cost arena. We see the

GRAPHIC CRAFT 2012-02-01 1098

Graphic Craft saw a good response in the show. Nipam Kotwal, director said: "We have sold 15 foiling machines, creasing and gluing machines. On the high end, we have sold many card cutting systems as well.

We had customers from all across ME viz, Jordan, GCC, Turkey and countries from Africa namely Nigeria, Kenya. Majority of the customers were digital printers and busy offset printers for business cards cutting machines. We had 3 serious enquiries for distributorship from Qatar, KSA and in

HONAZ 2012-02-01 1099

Honaz was quite impressed with the sales of the print heads in the SGI this year. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, Managing Director, Hamed Shakourbin said: "We are Xaar distributor for MEA region. We are also cooperating with them for different types of industrial machines. Some of them are already in the market and some will come in near future." Company sold around 200 print heads in the SGI. "We soon will have on this market, cutter and lamination machines and also indoor machines. We will have

AL MAHIR 2012-02-01 1100

Al Mahir has signed a distributor agreement with Croatian printer manufacturer company Azon for their flatbed printer which can print on range of medias. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, sales executive, Andrea Skarica said: "We see the potential in this market so have appointed distributor namely Al Mahir. Our DTS range of printers can print directly on glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics etc. The print size is 60 x 42 cm. This is ideal for design studios, sign and copy shops etc. It can be used

D BOARD 2012-02-01 1101

De-Mill Ltd participated showcasing their inverted corrugated board (ICB) made of recycled carton board. D-board is light, rigid board that can be used for prints, surfaces, furniture and constructions in public and private interiors.

Regional sales manager, Salah Amireh said: "We had about 60 good leads from the show. We have launched a new edge band which is recycled with cellulose and environmentally friendly. Customers said that they were not seen this product in ME region. It can replace

Ali Alhashemi

Ali Alhashemi had a 6 m x 5 m stand with Basysprint 851x CTP and Glunz and Gension Gecko 85T online processor. General manager of sales and marketing, G. Jayaprakash said: "Besides CTPs, we had great response for Digital press enquiries for MGI and various other machines during the show. We have sold and confirmed two Basysprint CTcPs, one with Glunz and Genson online processor and one as offline solution. All together we have registered about 75 serious enquiries for CTPs and other machines


Afra Printing Equipment showcased their entire digital print finishing solutions including case making solutions, digital thermal laminators, coating equipment for digital and offset etc. General manager, Vinay Krishnan said: "As we were in Saudi market for the past 2 years, we were having many deals in the pipeline. The show helped us to finalize the deals. The show helped us to penetrate to the interiors of Saudi. We received excellent feedback as our affordable, reliable and cost effective

Digi Color

Graphic Arts supplier, Digi Colour received good response in the Saudi Print this year. General manager, Khalil Fageeh said: "This time the people are more serious and educated. They are coming up with serious projects and willing to discuss technical issues. We have one deal in the show for processing equipment. The main focus was on special applications in offset and packaging industry." Company has over 30 agencies catering to GCC. The company started in 1980 and has now 54 employees

Al Dana

Al Dana participated for the first time in the show. Managing director, Amer Taha said: "We wanted to build our image in the Saudi market. We have now opened a new office in Riyadh with six people. We have new automatic rigid box and sewing machine from China and Taiwan. We have already installed six box making and one sewing machine in Saudi. The box making machine starts at $175K and sewing machine at $120K. The main advantage is the speed with 1500 boxes per hour and more accurate than

Al Khorayef

Alkhorayef participated for the third time in the Saudi Print. Vice president for machineries and projects, Mohammed Karram said: "Every year we have different theme in the show. This year we had digital theme with our partner Xerox. We are focussing on digital solutions, narrow web flexo, pre-press divisions." Company has over 30 agencies for Saudi market. Talking about Manroland distributorship, he said that they have 3 installations currently going on in the market. Company is also planning


Printech Middle East participated for the first time in the show. Managing director, Pankaj Patel said: "We have office in Riyadh, Dammam and starting in first quarter in Jeddah. We have about 70 strong leads. We have finalised few deals on packaging side. We were showcasing shrink film which is 7 micron which would give double mileage than traditional 15 micron with same strength. We also sold recently 6 machines from Prati in Saudi. We have 2 serious leads for MPS for narrow web label


OrionCo participated for the 4th time in the show. General manager, Mohannad Naqqasha said: "The show is growing and visitors are now asking for quality products. We have closed about 3 deals in the show. We are in the flexible packaging industry and supply complete solutions from film production, printing, consumable and converters. We have total 25 agencies. We cover KSA, Levant and UAE. We are the first company to start now the technical service centre for flexible packaging industry."


This edition of Saudi PPSG (Print-Pack-Sign and Graphics) attracted about 21,423 visitors. The exhibition ran from 28 Nov - 01 Dec 2011 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which had 500 exhibitors from 21 countries. Thus saw a increase of 15% in number of exhibitors and 30% increase in the space. Project manager, Kamil Jawhari said: "Some of the new initiatives this year was that there are many international exhibitors under one distributor. The next edition will be in February 2014. The show was supported


Rawda packaging factory participated for the first time in the exhibition. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, vice president, Housam Siraj Al-Deen said: "Our aim was to create a brand awareness in the Saudi market. We cater to speciality requirements in the packaging. Our plant is two years old. We mainly focus on post-print effects. We use 80% machinery work and 20% hand craft work. For first five years we will target Saudi and then we will grow in GCC. There are lots of competition in the local


Welbound received a good response from the show. Regional manager for MEA, Sudheeran V.S. said: "Within first two days we got about 15 hot enquiries from Jeddah alone. We participated for third time in the show. From last two shows we are making our base. This show helped us to increase our brand value, as market now know that we have our office and engineers locally. We had 100 x 70, 32 pages folding machine, single and six clamp perfect binder and three knife trimmer. We are in Saudi market

Al Qasswa

Al Qasswa participated along with their partners like Schur, technotrans, Flint Group and Manugraph. They showcased technologies like humidifying systems, ink supply, filtration and water supply systems from technotrans. In the mail room systems from Schur they showcased solutions for packaging and newspaper industry. In reply to the questions of drop in the newspaper market, company said that the solutions like personalisation; special supplements can help the industry. Company had 2 deals for


Hoshanco Graphic Arts has been participating in all the show since beginning. Company showcased their creative paper range from Arjowiggins. General manager, Hesham Tabash said: "We do some conversion locally to target different segments in the market. The Saudi market is healthy as compared to other markets. We are targeting on government sectors with focus on environment friendly solutions. We want to be a part of the new initiatives and focus on them." Company showcased new Bamboo range in

ABC International

Dubai based, packaging printer, ABC International participated in the show for the first time. Manager for packaging division, Naeem Gafur said: "We have some customers in the Saudi market. We wanted to create a brand awareness in this market to get more clients. We have plant in Dubai for the packaging. We are putting a new building in Ras Al Khaimah for this business with 30k sqm plot. We have also introduced a double sleeve technology for promotional packaging. We use roto-gravure and UV

Watan Pac

Watan Pac participated in the show showcasing their range of corrugated carton boxes portfolio. The company which is started in 1987 has annual turnover of 60,000 tons. Watan Pac caters to Saudi and GCC countries. The ISO certified factory is following European Union Internation Standard (FEFCO).

Canon conducts partner event for LFP segment

Canon ME conducted a partner conference in Dubai recently for the large format segment under theme 'Expand new business opportunities with Canon'. The event attracted 55 participants and seen new product launches. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, product manager of LFP at Canon ME, Pratik Gargya said: "Out of 55, 70 to 80% were resellers but these are not only existing resellers but some prospective companies as well. As our theme is to expand business opportunities, we are looking at appointing new

Mepco focussed on packaging and digital grades from Mondi

Mepco Gulf participated in the Paper Arabia with focus on new speciality packaging grades from Mondi. The products included papers for packaging of pharmaceuticals, food products like cheese, wheat packaging etc. These are kraft and MG bleached papers. The products will be going directly to the large converters. Company is targeting an annual sales of $30m with this product range.

Also company is focussing on products for digital printing. The company has launched a speciality grade from Mondi

Arbros launched new exclusively branded photocopy paper

Arbros launched a new grade of photocopy paper with brand name of 'Innovator'. The original paper is from Indonesia and is a exclusive brand given to Arbros. This brand will be distributed to all GCC and African countries. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, Abdullah Rehmani said: "We were looking to launch our own brand of photocopy paper for a long time. We had launched one photocopy brand, Multicopy a few years back which was from Europe. But as many brands from Europe are becoming less workable price

New handy swatch book launched: 1000 books to go in GCC

Sona Commercial participated for the second time in Paper Arabia launching a new swatch book from Cordenons. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, managing director, Vikram Chhabra said: "The new swatch book is very handy and have all types of paper from Cordenons. Every sales or ad agency person can keep it on his table and carry for a meeting. We will be spreading about 1,000 swatch books to GCC market in next two months.

"We also have launched Moondream paper which is suitable for luxury packaging

APP is launching more value added products in the ME market

APP, one of the largest paper mills worldwide participated in the show which has more than 150 different types of products. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, executive director, Suresh Kilam said: "We have launched new value added products like sticky pads in our office stationary products and has increased our range of colour papers. Also we have gone into cup stocks, supplying finished paper and the finished cups as well. We have started the aseptic boards for milk and juice cartons which we call as

Company expects 30% growth in the next year

Inpap has been participating since the beginning of the Paper Arabia show. Talking to PrintWeek MEA, chief manager, Shaukat Ali Khan said: "We are increasing our arms in China now and building more brands, as there are lots of investment in new machines and technology. We sell all products by brand. Initially we had work hard to establish the brand but the reason of success is that we analyse everything before selling. We go to the paper mill and interact. We are choosing smaller mills and

Company has got 80% of their products FSC certified

Orient Links has gone for a FSC certification with which 80% of its products fall in to this category. In terms of the new products, Orient Links have started food grade boards which are dioxin free and FDA certified from China. Also they have started environmentally friendly copier papers which will be distributed to European and North American markets. The brands will be mill brands or customised to client based on the requirement. Orient Links is planning to enter in to the unbleached grades