Heidelberg is relaunching its B2 range of speedmasters with an ergonomic redesign engineered for user-friendliness and reduced operator workloads.

According to the company’s statement, the CX 75 and the industrial-level XL 75 will both be relaunched in this month, with a new ‘gallery concept’ carried over from the Speedmaster XL 106, allowing operators to move more efficiently across the presses’ gantries and eliminate fatigue, taking advantage of the larger working space between units.

Senior product manager Frank Süsser said: “Ergonomic operation on a press is very important to keep the workplace at the printing press attractive. Furthermore, it is essential to avoid the operator getting tired too quickly, especially if many job changes are required during a shift.

“The CX 75 is ideal for commercial customers who need a flexible press which can handle a wide range of different substrates. It also offers the chance to enter into new markets like pack- aging. It is an ideal machine to work in single- or two-shift operations,” Süsser said.

He further added, “The XL 75 is a highly automated press for commercial, packaging and special printers who require a much higher output and a fully automated production. With push-to- stop and autonomous printing, the press can handle a lot of job changes per shift.”

Both machines will still run on their original specifications: four- to six-colour plus coater with 15,000sph maximum speed for the CX 75 and up to 14 units for printing and coating with 15,000sph standard and 18,000sph optional maximum speeds for the XL 75.

The ergonomics of the new designs are intended to improve the ease and efficiency with which operators can fulfill tasks such as staging plates, adding ink, changing washup cloths and rubber blankets, or carrying out maintenance.