Xerox chief John Visentin has hailed the new Iridesse digital press for “driving new business” and exceeding expectations at the manufacturer, even though sales of high-end production devices fell in the third quarter.
Visentin replaced Jeff Jacobson as chief executive earlier this year as part of the machinations around the aborted takeover of Xerox by Fujifilm. He described the six-colour Iridesse, which is a Fuji Xerox product, as hitting a “sweet spot” due to its ability to produce gold, silver, or white and clear dry ink in one pass.
“This allows our customers and partners to perform the same task at pennies of the cost of having to run multiple machine passes and offset processes,” he stated. “It opens up a huge opportunity for Xerox and our print provider customers in the lucrative print embellishment market and supports the movement of more pages from offset into our digital space.”
Visentin said 90% of Iridesse customers had opted to take a dry ink print station.
He said that Xerox planned to “rebuild its M&A pipeline” and was looking at opportunities in 3D printing, as well as new areas such as smart tags and printed electronics.
Xerox’s new leadership team is expected to deliver the performance improvements vaunted by activist investors Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason as part of their campaign to halt the Fujifilm takeover deal.Visentin plans to share an in-depth review of Xerox’s future strategy in February 2019.