Thiele announced the release of its new woven poly propylene (WPP) sealer for the Star Series line of bag filling machinery.
    “This project was a direct result of customer needs,” said Braden Beam, Thiele’s flexible business leader.  “We’ve seen the use of woven poly propylene bags increasing for many of our customers.  They have needed a fully automatic bag filling solution that runs and seals in one system. Our team invested in this project and we hope this meets their needs in meaningful way. It’s about listening to customers and building trust with them so they know they can rely on us, even for something new.” 
    The WPP sealer will be a standard offering on all UltraStar bag filling systems, and as an upgrade on all existing Star Series bag filling equipment.
       Other new features added to the UltraStar include front and rear driven belts that maintain continuous control of bag tops; safety features that are designed to allow for outages and loss of air pressure; and easy removal of bag jams by “popping open” of the upper drive assembly on demand.