Xaar has launched its first aqueous printhead at Drupa with what it believes is a “world leading” specification for a host of print applications. 

A new partnership with Ricoh has also been announced.

The first printhead, the 5601 3p0, will be available at the end of the year.

The 160mm-wide high-speed single-pass printhead has 5,680 nozzles. It has a linear speed of 2m/sec, equating to 800sqm/hour.

The printhead can run solvent or aqueous ink at 600dpi (two-colours) or 1,200dpi (one-colour). Drop size is 3pl-21pl with eight greyscales.

“No other printhead on the market offers all of this,” said Xaar chief executive Doug Edward. “We have invested significantly over the last 6 years in R&D and market research in order to bring the very best package of printhead capabilities to the industrial inkjet market. Productivity, quality and cost – it has all three.”

Xaar’s AcuDrp technology allows OEMs to finely tune drop volume and velocity, for highly-sensitive applications such as advanced manufacturing.

The strategic partnership with Ricoh involves co-operation on development and go-to-market for certain Thin Film printheads requiring silicon MEMs.

“We found out that we had the same interests and looked at ways of putting together some of the assets we have,” explained chief technology officer Ramon Borrell.

The first product to come out of the partnership is the Xaar 1201 GS2p5, a 27mm-wide, 30square metre/hour head aimed at the Chinese market for simple wide-format graphics and soft signage.