The opening up of new markets driven by developments in hardware will mean faster growth for the wide-format ink market, according to imaging industry market researcher Photizo Group. This will have positive effects on the global wide-format market as a whole. The wide format ink forecast perspective looks at the strength of the wide-format ink market and sets out various figures to demonstrate how the market is set to grow. It was published in the middle of April 2016.

The report finds HP as 2015’s top global supplier of ink for wide-format with 41% of the £1.6bn market, followed by Canon with 21% and Epson on 19%. Fourth is Roland (3.4%) and fifth is Mimaki (2.7%).

The report breaks ink down into UV, latex, aqueous and eco-solvent, with aqueous accounting for approximately 80% of market revenue in 2015, revenue of approximately £1.37bn. The proportion of the market dominated by acqueous is set to remain similar by 2020.

Approximately 4.8 million litres of ink were shipped globally in 2015. This is set to rise by 2020 to more than 6 million litres.  Globally, the report examines the percentage of OEM ink compared with aftermarket ink broken down in each region.