Komori has said that supply of machinery and parts has been unaffected after it temporarily ceased production when the massive earthquake hobbled some production partners in Japan.

The company said in a statement that production could have continued at its Tsukuba plant and Komori Machinery, based near Tokyo, following damage and safety assessments, but that partner companies, particularly in the Tohoku area, had been badly affected.

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the north eastern side of the country 11 March and the company formed a Disaster Countermeasures Office to assess the impact and temporarily ceased production until 18 March.

Komori is also aiding some 172 Japan-based customers, helping to repair 445 presses impacted by the disaster. It said more than 10 presses have shifted as much as 30cm in the quake. Meanwhile, Roland DG said that its facilities in the Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture had not been affected by the disaster.