Komori hosted its Technology 2010 Open House at its Utrecht European headquarters in November.

The Japanese press manufacturer showcased the likes of the new five-colour B2 Enthrone 29, the Lithrone SX640 and the Lithrone S840P with its H-UV drying system alongside equipment from a range of partners including Kodak, Horizon and PrintVis MIS.

The S840P was on show at Ipex turning out copies of the PrintWeek IpexDaily newspaper and the same model will be the centrepiece of its workflow demonstrations at the event which run from 9 to 11 November.

European marketing manager Philip Dunn said: "At Ipex our H-UV system was the highlight of the Komori stand, in delivering finishing-ready perfected sheets. For our November event we run jobs on material notorious for its difficult drying, so that we really could prove the production and environmental benefits of the new drying system. These demonstrations utilised Kodak's new Trillian plate. Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions were also showed, including Prinergy and Insite."

Other partners at the event included Toyo Ink, Van Son Ink, Baldwin drying systems, technotrans control systems and UPM paper.