Press manufacturer KBA has said that consolidation in the press market is crucial for manufacturers to start making money again, but has insisted that it will not be part of any merger.

Speaking at a press conference at newspaper trade show Ifra, KBA deputy president Claus Bolza-Schunemann said that the worldwide newspaper press sales market had contracted to around half the size of 2007.

However, the company has claimed that its share of the market, which is now estimated to be at around €450m ($631.73m), has increased to around 49%.

Bolza-Schunemann said: "What is clear is that there is a huge capacity overhang among suppliers in virtually every market sector."

"The big issue at the last Ifra Expo was the collapse of merger talks between Heidelberg and Manroland. In spring this year it was Manroland's alleged acquisition of Wifag. At the beginning of August it was KBA's reputed interest in a merger with Manroland.

"We are better placed to remain independent than many other players in the industry. We are under no financial or external pressure to take premature action and can simply await developments," he said.