Flint Group has announced price increases in heatset and coldset web and sheetfed inks, as well as for pressroom consumables as of 1 July.

The company said the rises were because of raw material cost increases, which it said had risen by more than 50% in the past six months. It added that the short-term outlook "offers no sign of relief".

As a result, price increases across all ink products and selected pressroom chemicals will be instigated.

Heatset inks will increase by €0.25 ($0.30) per kg, coldset black by €0.15 per kg, coldset colours by €0.25 per kg and conventional sheetfed inks by between 5% and 8%, depending on the product.

Publication gravure inks will increase by €0.30 per kg, while some pressroom chemicals will increase by 5% - 8%.

Nick Brannan, vice president of product management, Flint Group Print Media Europe, said: "We are very aware that the print industry is under pressure, not just in controlling total cost, but also in terms of reducing run lengths and competition from abroad.

"Output is also key and a lot of people have downsized. Demand has been outstripped and this is driving up prices."