Google is to close its business that sells advertising space in newspapers.
According to Associated Press, the move was a bid to cut costs under the current economic climate.
The California-based Google concluded that its online expertise wasn’t paying off and decided to pull the plug - effective from February 28.
The decision is believed to impact on about 800 US newspapers.
Google’s director, Spencer Spinnel reportedly wrote on his blog: “While we hoped that print ads would create a revenue stream for newspapers and produce more relevant advertising for consumers, the product has not created the impact that we - or our partners - wanted.”
Google has since, however, pledged to help newspaper publishers find other ways to make more money.
It did not provide details in terms of how it would do this.
Google first set out to help newspapers in November 2006.
The program it devised meant that potential advertisers could bid online to fill unsold space in the participating newspapers.
Publishers would then decide whether to accept the offers.