The Packaging School has introduced the first online automotive packaging programme for their latest online packaging curriculum in this month.

Called the Automotive Packaging Certificate (APC), it was released on March 2, 2020, and is geared toward professionals looking to expand their knowledge of industry specifics related to automotive packaging. This new certificate is the first of its kind, and it provides a comprehensive understanding of the packaging supply chain through an in-depth study across automotive manufacturers, part suppliers, and packaging providers.

Regardless of an individual’s educational background, the Automotive Packaging Certificate allows both new and experienced professionals to raise the value of their contributions to the automotive packaging industry, without having to step foot inside a classroom.

“By having an automotive concentration, it does provide exposure to current voids and certainly makes a candidate more valuable,” says Drew Cockman, section manager, Logistics Planning and Packaging at BMW. 
The APC is solely web-based, allowing worldwide accessibility through internet access.