Xeikon Prepress, part of Flint Group, which represents the brand name ‘ThermoFlexX’, has launched  a new washer and dryer/light finisher as part of its Catena system offering. 

According to the manufacturers, the Catena-W is designed to deliver high productivity through plate alignment which avoids plate skew during transport as well as an advanced plate queuing system. This limits the distance between plates being processed and maximizes the throughput. An integrated plate shuttle will enable a single operator to conveniently handle large format plates, and a minimum gap between queues will increase the number of plates processed per shift.

Xeikon Pre-press R&D director Bart Wattyn explained: “Right from the beginning our ThermoFlexX imaging systems were designed to help our customers through automation and leading edge technology. By listening to the challenges our customers have to face every day, like handling large size flexo plates that are easy to damage, we developed the Flextray with fully automatic loading and unloading. The positive feedback we received was tremendous! Consequently, we announced the Catena-E LED exposure system in 2019 with a fully automatic plate feed from our imagers. Plate processing (wash-out) gives an extra challenge and we took it as a design goal that an operator should be able to handle large plates, single handed and without ever having to come into contact with their solvent-wet surface.”

The Catena-DL features an automated lift that can be used to move a plate from the shuttle to the dryer drawers and into the light finishing section while avoiding any human touch point.
Since Xeikon Pre-press joined the Flint Group Family in 2015,  the R & D departments of both companies have collaborated to provide a fully optimized pre-press environment.