Polar Mohr, a high-speed cutting machine manufacturer from Hofheim in Germany, launched its Compucut soft-ware which makes automated cutting possible.

“Nowadays, companies have multiple jobs daily and combination sheets often require complicated cutting runs that involve numerous programming steps. The software ensures that the increased set-up times caused by manual creation of cutting programmes for low-volume print runs are eliminated,” stated a press statement from Polar.

Compucut uses common prepress file formats such as the CIP3 and CIP4 standards (JDF/PPF). This cutting programme is sent to the networked high-speed cutter (Plus & PRO HD models) afterwards. If a company is running several high-speed cutters, the programme can be initially transferred to the external memory programme manager and then assigned to the relevant machine according to free capacity. As soon as the program is called up the machine automatically moves up to the first cutting block and onto the next cutting block after each cut. The graphical or real-time image of the printed sheet layout displayed on the machine clearly shows in which direction and in which sequence the sheet must be rotated.

The Compucut family has three versions: Compucut Go, Compucut Control and Compucut Auto Control.

The new software version 5.0.8. is available now. It focuses on autoturn gripper coordination, which is the core of the pace automatic cutting system. Also new is the option to programme a ‘lint cut’, which corrects any unclean cut edges through countercuts.