Xerox has launched a new lightweight kit for its Nuvera series of digital production printers to extend its stock weight range down to “ultra-lightweight”.

Nuvera users with models which were manufactured in the last three years can order the retrofittable kits for their machines, which adjust both the hardware and software of a device’s print engine to allow it to print stock as light as 44gsm, down from the previous minimum of 52gsm.

While the modification is not standard on newly purchased Nuveras, it can be requested as an option.

Senior system engineer Mike Povio said: “While it is a smaller market than the general Nuvera user, there is a demand for lighter stocks among printers whose clients want to reduce the weight of their pamphlets and books, including religious organisations publishing their texts and airlines publishing safety booklets.

“This kit allows the machines to print more robustly onto lighter stocks without losing the imaging quality or distorting or damaging the paper.

“If part of a printer’s marketing is that they have these capabilities, then they stand to benefit for an influx of new clients that are interested. It has been tested offsite with Xerox customers already who are very happy and are ready to order further kits.”

The full stock weight range of the Nuvera family is now 44-300gsm with the optional kit, of which one must be bought per print engine.
Povio said that the next focus for developments on the Nuvera family would be the printers’ speed.