Eckhard Kallies heads Koehler's packaging paper division. "Our challenge is to establish sustainable business models in the flexible packaging industry," says Eckhard Kallies, director of Flexible Packaging at the Koehler Paper Group. A native of northern Germany, Kallies took up his new position in the Black Forest on March 1. Koehler's CEO Kai Furler sees Eckhard Kallies' commitment as an important part of his future success. "Kallies brings to our team a great deal of experience in the area of papers for flexible packaging," says Furler. "In his previous roles, he made a name for himself as an executive who thinks and acts strategically." In addition to conventional papers for flexible packaging, which are often used as part of composites, Koehler is working with research institutions and other companies in the value chain to develop papers with barrier properties. Of particular note here is the Green Coating Collaboration, which Koehler runs together with the TU Darmstadt.