Avery Dennison is adding three new collections and five new facestocks to its wine and spirits portfolio. The company will launch these as the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, California, later this month.

"Labeling technology today needs to work harder than ever for the winemaker and retailer, and these new Avery Dennison collections go beyond helping a bottle stand out on the shelf," said Vanita Marzette, senior product manager - wine and spirits, Avery Dennison. "Whether it’s telling a wine’s sustainability story, employing technology to directly engage with consumers, or ensuring a wine’s validity, labels can serve a variety of needs for the winemaker, retailer and end user."

The new collections include:

● Sensorial, featuring new ruby velvet and black velvet facestocks. Avery Dennison’s sensorial collection adds the senses of touch, sound and even smell to the label. The sensorial collection offers label surfaces that feature a soft touch, textured or patterned papers. Some offer subtle sounds as fingers move across the surface. Hand-selected trees used to fashion wooden labels deliver a delicate, natural scent.

● Black, featuring laid epic black and night Skye facestocks. Black helps a brand to deliver a message of premium, quality content. The black collection is a broad portfolio that reflects dependable quality to deliver outstanding shelf appeal. Materials include structured surfaces, thick to thin facestocks and a choice of different shades. Converters will appreciate the fact that they no longer have to print twice to create a rich, even black label with no white edges and stable hot foiling.

● Luminous, featuring snowbound white facestock, includes labels that glitter, sparkle and shine to stand out on the shelf.

Avery Dennison is also showcasing wine labeling industry trends at the show, including sustainability, NFC technology. The Avery Dennison facestocks Grape Touch is made of 15 percent grape waste sourced from wine production – and Estate Label No. 14, a 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) paper material that maintains color and strength, even when wet – help tell a brand’s sustainability story while delivering performance and shelf appeal that result in sales.

Avery Dennison will share more about how labels can be used for security; the company has embarked on a pilot program to reduce counterfeiting and ensure a wine’s authenticity as it moves through the value chain, using NFC-activated labels. NFC technology also enables a brand to share interactive, augmented reality experiences directly with consumers. This technology allows labels to share messaging, coupons, ads, special offers or educational information.