Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE) has introduced an online toolkit looking at the sustainability of flexible packaging.

FPE has put together and created visual formats to explain flexible packaging and sustainability. The toolkit is available free of charge to anyone interested in the subject, from the association’s website. The main target group for the toolkit is people working in the fields of flexible packaging and products packed in flexible packaging, as well as the general public.

The toolkit comprises downloadable infographics, posters, a fact sheet and a pocket guide. The information is currently available in five languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, with Polish and Turkish to follow.

To access the online toolkit visit the association website at

Jean-Paul Duquet, director of sustainability at FPE, explained: "With our comprehensive information package, we want to highlight, how flexible packaging supports sustainable consumption and production of food. Flexible Packaging actually offers many advantages when it comes to sustainability, especially when looking at the big picture – this is backed by scientific facts."

"Still sustainability in packaging remains a complex matter and we have tried to reduce complexity by providing a practical overview with facts and figures at European level over much-debated key issues like circular economy or food waste. Easy-to-understand infographics for example explain that flexible packaging is designed to actually minimize the use of packaging materials and how it how it helps preserve valuable goods and reduce risks of food waste."

Duquet continued: "Very often, flexible packaging is more resource efficient than alternative packaging solutions – serving the same purpose while consuming less material and energy resources throughout the entire lifecycle. We have created a useful tool for the different audiences, helping them to better understand and further explain the role of flexible packaging in sustainability."

FPE is an association that comprises more than 80 small and medium sized companies as well as the major European producers of flexible packaging for all materials. These companies cover more than 85 percent of European flexible packaging turnover. Also, six national flexible packaging associations are members of FPE.