Constantia Flexibles has developed Ecolutions, a new line intended to combat the volume of waste produced every year through packaging.
Quoting figures from World Bank and the UN, Constantia Flexibles noted 2.12 billion tons of waste is produced every year. In 2050, it is anticipated 3.40 billion tons of waste will be generated in cities alone. The supplier’s own research, conducted by marketagent, found that 80 percent of end consumers prefer eco-friendlier packaging over a regular one and would pay up to 15 percent more for recyclable and compostable packaging.
EcoLam is a lightweight, mono PE laminate that is fully recycle-ready due to its mono-material structure. In addition, its carbon footprint is claimed as around 32 percent smaller than that of comparable products. EcoLamPlus and EcoLamHighPlus have additional barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, aroma and mineral oils.
Constantia Flexibles CEO Alexander Baumgartner, said, “As the world’s fourth largest flexible packaging producer, we know about our responsibility towards the environment as well as the requests of the end consumers. Thus, our goal is to drive a change in the industry for more sustainable packaging solutions.”