RadTech has added a new email-delivered training course on UV LED to provide an introduction to the technology.
This is the second course in a series of free, email-based courses from RadTech, an association for UV and EB technology, to deliver educational lessons on various aspects of UV and EB technology. Each course features several lessons sent in a weekly email that should take roughly 10 minutes to read or see.
The new course on UV LED technology will cover the following topics:Ultraviolet light; How does an LED work?; UV LEDs and mercury lamps; Special properties of UV LEDs; Building a UV LED system; and new developments in UV system design. Some more modules may be added. The course was developed by Dr. Robert Karlicek, director of the center for lighting enabled systems and applications, and a professor of electrical computer and systems engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Registration is free for the course and persons can sign-up through their website.