CPC, the European packaging solutions company has  invested in four top-of-the-range machines from Bobst.
“We help our customers to anticipate key trends and changes in the industry – whether those are consumer-driven or key technology developments – and help them to adapt accordingly, by upgrading or evolving their packaging specifications from one product to the other,” said Jonathan Schor, the CEO of CPC Packaging. “For example, if they want to move from folding carton to flexible packaging, or from cut labels to self-adhesive labels, we can help them to achieve this by ensuring a seamless transition in terms of design and supply chain management.”
“I knew from the beginning it would make sense to buy the three die-cutters from one company, especially in terms of training, maintenance and servicing of the machines, but also in terms of the back-up between our plants,” explained Schor. “Following extensive market research and technical assessments of the various machines, it became clear that BOBST was the only supplier offering a reliable high-speed 145 cm die-cutter for our big runners. Throughout our decision-making process, I relied heavily on our technical and operational team and there was unanimous agreement between us all to choose BOBST.”