Esko has introduced the CDI Crystal 4835 and Print Control Wizard flexo platemaking systems.
These new launches mark the first and only automated flexo platemaking line in the industry. To streamline the entire process, Esko has made it more automated and easier to use. This not only improves the productivity of platemaking, it also ensures quality and consistency throughout, and simplifies flexo platemaking.
Esko follows the launch of its CDI Crystal 5080 flexo imager with the release of the CDI Crystal 4835. This new launch supports the 48x35 inch plate size that is popular with flexo converters and provides the same benefits as the CDI Crystal 5080. The Crystal CDI features automatic plate loading and unloading & is said to be easy to use. Operators need minimal training and spend 50% less time at the device, according to Esko. Also, plate waste & plate inconsistencies resulting from manual plate handling, are eliminated.
An early user of the CDI Crystal 4835, Lene Hoegh Madsen, pre-press manager at the packaging group Schur in Germany, confirmed: “The CDI Crystal and XPS Crystal are very easy to operate. We can train new operators very fast, and that enables us to make plates at night or early in the morning depending on our needs, and not only when our platemaking expert is in.”
The XPS Crystal exposure unit has been introduced for both the 5080 & 4835 sizes in the past few years. These systems have received awards for reducing the manual steps from 9 steps to just one, and for delivering plates of higher quality and consistency thanks to their unique and patented digitally controlled simultaneous UV light main & back exposure.