The challenges being faced by converters and the emerging technical trends that are impacting their businesses are among the key topics that will be addressed at the 4th FINAT European Label Forum, Dublin, from 6-8 June. This important event will provide attendees with insight and guidance, as they think about the future of their businesses in a rapidly evolving environment.
The forum has been developed as a platform for owners, CEOs, and sales and marketing managers to help them better address business challenges for today and tomorrow, be inspired by success stories, learn from experts in different areas of expertise, share views and opinions, and enter into dialogue that will shape the future. Attendees will also gain experience through engagement and networking with peers from across Europe.
FINAT president, Chris Ellison says, “With the industry under increasing pressure to meet so many market demands quickly, expertly and cost efficiently, there are many topics up for discussion at this year’s forum. That is why we have created a diverse agenda that will deliver empowering knowledge and spur inspiring conversations, enabling attendees to tackle these challenges creatively. With insight on the latest global influences, market trends and business practices collected from our expert speakers and knowledge gathered from peer to peer networking, participants will be able to reenergise their businesses to ensure they remain competitive in the years to come.”
Second day afternoon will feature parallel business learning sessions. Attendees will be able to choose two from the six offerings that best meet their needs and interests.