Sappi has developed Seal, its latest product featuring integrated sealing functionality.
It is well known that in 2016, Sappi launched the first packaging paper with integrated sealing functionality. Sappi Seal is the second generation of this flexible packaging product with improved sealing properties. It is also recyclable.
Sappi Seal is designed to replace hot seal laminates made from plastic with materials containing a high proportion of renewable raw materials. Sappi Seal is single-side coated and has been finished with a dispersion coating on the reverse side. It is said to achieve good results with hot sealing.
Sappi Seal has been developed for use as flexible standard packaging in the food and non-food sectors, where hot sealing properties are required. This includes primary packaging, such as sachets, but also secondary packaging, such as flow wraps for sweets, toys or DIY goods. In addition to its excellent hot sealing properties, Sappi Seal also provides barrier properties against water vapour. The new specialty paper is recyclable within the paper waste stream.
René Köhler, head of business development for packaging and specialty papers at Sappi, said: “Brand manufacturers as well as consumers are looking for alternatives to plastic packaging materials. Sappi Seal will contribute to the use of more resource efficient and renewable materials for flexible packaging.”
Sappi Seal can be opened easily and smoothly, without uncontrolled tearing. A homogeneous and light surface provides good printability and finishing properties with all common finishing techniques. Its natural appearance and feel are said to ensure an eye-catching brand presence.