UPM Raflatac has further expanded its PP Lite range of labeling options for the European market with the introduction of two new products, PP Clear FTC Lite and PP Solid White FTC Lite.
PP Solid White FTC Lite is a non-pearlescent, solid white PP film that offers a bright white base colour with ‘dependable performance’. PP Clear FTC Lite is a clear PP film that can be combined with R704 adhesive and PET Lite liner to offer a ‘no-label look’, as well as clean performance in converting and dispensing.
Päivi Knihti, segment manager, films, EMEIA at UPM Raflatac, said: ‘Our PP Lite range of labeling solutions has been welcomed by customers, helping brand owners achieve their sustainability targets and differentiate from the competition while also increasing efficiency and productivity.
“Both films are described as ideal for multipurpose labeling applications on smooth, rigid containers. The high strength of PP Solid White FTC Lite’s solid core also makes it ideal for multilayer and peel-and-read applications. Both label solutions meet EU food safety standards. The PP Lite range is designed to help brands achieve their sustainability targets with lightweight, eco-designed face materials, adhesives and backing materials. UPM Raflatac said this makes them incredibly lightweight overall, optimizes raw material use, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste,” Kniti added.
“The addition of clear-on-clear PP Clear FTC Lite and PP Solid White FTC Lite to the range provides even more options for brands to make a more sustainable choice.”