Uflex has launched Optika, a range of flexitubes with advantages of multi-layered flexible laminates. Optika transparent flexitubes are said to offer aesthetical benefits to brands, such as 360-degree printing, utilization of the entire tube torso for branding from shoulder to crimp, high definition graphics, imparting metallic effects using advanced registered printing, registered lamination, superior surface finish using matte and gloss effects, and electron beam (EB) coating for ultra-high gloss.
Ish Dhawan, head of product development of the tubes vertical at Uflex, said: “We have adopted a special process that imparts depth to the printing and imagery prominently highlighting the main elements of the brand artwork. The inside and outside seamless printing with metallic effects have been coupled with the refractive properties of the transparent flexitube. For Optika, we use ultra clear polyethylene as the innermost substrate that further imparts good aesthetics to these tubes. We are the first ones in the world to be using this specialized printing technology or process thereby enhancing the unique selling proposition for our clients. For doing this, our design and manufacturing teams work in close collaboration with merchandizers of several beauty and cosmetic brands to simulate the optical effects at the POS.”
Ashwani Sharma, president and CEO, new business initiatives at Uflex, added: “Flexitubes happen to be a very important value added product of our company. With the existing tooling apparatus at our plant we can manufacture flexitubes ranging from 19mm to 50mm in diameter. Our capacity is 300 million flexitubes per annum with 10 machines in operation currently. Given the robust demand for various types of flexitubes that we offer, we could look at expanding our manufacturing capacity by another 200 million tubes by the end of 2018.”
Ashok Chaturvedi, Uflex chairman and MD, concluded: "I am happy to say that through immaculately designed flexitubes, my engineers have been able to add tremendous value to the business of beauty, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical and hotel toiletry brands across the globe. Optika with its unique properties will serve as a boon for global cosmetic brands."